First things first. I am a triplet. I have two sisters, we are not identical, we do get along, no we can’t feel each other’s pain but we're really good at knowing when something is wrong. I was always the curious one, the spirited one, the one who wanted to dye my hair pink or blue or green.  

I grew up wanting to be an archaeologist in ancient Egypt  but instead got my Master’s Degree from the University of Minnesota in Counseling. I moved to Portland, like all good hipsters do, got a job and a weird haircut. Despite making many beloved friends and adopting the worlds-best cat I decided to move back where everything felt “right”: Minneapolis. The cat came too, of course. I broke her foot 9 days later. C’est La Vie. I FINALLY dyed my hair bright Ariel red. The very next day I met my future husband, who liked my hair pretty well, and my eyes even better, but couldn’t see through his watering eyes around my cat. The things we do for love.  

Now I use my empathy and relationship building skills to do social media and content strategy for Betty Crocker. Yes, I love baking (from scratch), red lipstick and doo-wop but also Scandinavian minimalism, wearing all black and Viking metal. I live in an oh-so-cute duplex in South Minneapolis with my terribly dapper husband.  My hair is black again, for now. I am a vegetarian by necessity, but I hate tofu. My favorite place in the world is Iceland (an introvert’s paradise) and my favorite cheese is mostly any kind baked on bread.

Oh, and you'd be hard pressed to find a week where I didn't wear stripes at least 5 days.