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Color Me: tickled.

Inspired by the Colour Lover posts over at Pugly Pixel

I have decided to start my own color feature entitled "Color Me:". What better way to really express how I'm feeling AND show off my incredibly talented photographer friends in the process. These will be posted every Friday in an effort to maintain some semblance of structure over here at grin & share it.

And so, my first Color Me...tickled. Why? Because I get to see the lovely woman in this photo AND the lovely woman who took this photo in TWO SHORT WEEKS!



Announcing: Film Feb Twenty-Twelve

taken by  beesting .

taken by beesting.

As we wrap up fatmumslim's #janphotoaday and look forward to #febphotoaday I have been reflecting on my journey as a photographer. How it all started? Probably growing up as the child of two talented artists who met in photography class. My mom is now a commercial food photographer and an inspiration to me constantly. Shooting with film reminds me of home, and of another huge inspiration, Mr. Bill Cunningham.

In honor of them, and of all that came before us, I call out to all my photographer, blogger, artist friends and not-yet-friends to complement their #febphotoaday journey with Film Feb Twenty-Twelve. I will  be shooting at least a roll/pack of film per week and posting it in our Flickr pool and I encourage you to do the same.

This February I hope you'll dust off your cameras, venture in to your local pharmacy and pick up a couple packs of 400..or 800..or 600...(oh, and Polaroids count too!)


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To Portland, With Love.

My extremely lovely friend Amy reminded me that one year ago I said goodbye to Portland, OR to return to Minneapolis. It was an incredible year filled with beauty and fun and I can honestly say I haven't stopped missing it. So in honor of the people that made my life in Portland truly wonderful, a little recap of just some of the things that I won't forget. This one's for you AmySummer, Brandie, WillSarahSharinAnnieBen and Jo...


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