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Local Spotlight: SnowGRADE

I'm a little behind on this but I finally had time to make a quick post about NorthernGRADE- the winter version of the much loved NorthernGRADE menswear, American-made, pop-up event here in Minneapolis. I had a great time and got my man a very awesome gift which I will post after I give it to him. I was tickled to hear about local shop, Black Blue, which I somehow did not know about! My man and I will definitely be stopping over there when he gets back from Scandinavia. All of my photos (most of which didn't turn out, unfortunately) can be seen over on my Flickr. Stay tuned for NorthernGRADE, September 15th and 16th.  But for now, just a few favorites above!


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Local spotlight: City Kid Java

I was at the friendly neighborhood Target when I stumbled across something I'm sure I should have known about before-City Kid Java.

 The small "keep it local!" tag drew my eye from the sea of Starbucks and Market Pantry blends. At first I thought "well that can't be..." but sure enough- right next to it, "Choose the virtuous brew that kicks back to the kids in the Twin Cities!"

I should probably warn you- I fancy myself a bit of a humanitarian. I spend time volunteering AFTER I spend my 40 hour work week at a non-profit in St. Paul. Luckily, now you don't have to work at a non-profit to support your Twin Cities community too (but, you know, you could...)!

100% of City Kid Java's profits goes to programs run by their non-profit partner, Urban Ventures Youth Leadership Foundation.  ONE HUNDRED PERCENT.

Not only do they support the kids in our community, but they pay higher than fair-trade prices so they can support the families of the coffee growers they work with as well. Oh by the way, this stuff is DELICIOUS and comes in a handful of yummy brews. 

In summary, now that you know about it, if you don't drink this coffee you are gigantic jerk. tweet themfacebook thememail them.

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Staying cute, when it's oh, so cold.

I woke up to a crisp -35 windchill today. Minnesota. I tell ya. I suppose I shouldn't complain- we have had a ridiculously easy winter so far. It's hard to care much about how you look when your eyeballs hurt but sometimes its the little things that can brighten your very chill day...

one. Covertible Mittens in Charcoal Gray
 $30.00 (so you can stay warm AND text)

two. Asos Ribbed Knee Socks
$8.95 (layer over tights!) 

three. Chunky Lime Infinity Scarf

four. Minted Rose Lip Balm
$7.00 (originally bought for the packaging/ works SO well)

five. Diagonal Alley Coat

six. Summer Light iPhone case
$47.95 (when all else fails- delusions! Pretend you are laying in field with a warm breeze blowing over you.)

seven. Bamboo Jersey Tights
$22.00 (bamboo=warm and soft)

All that being said...when the windchill is -35, cute should not be your main priority. On those days:

Columbia Uptown Voyager Jacket. That omniheat stuff is the jam. 



Local Spotlight: tinyhands jewelry

I headed to No Coast Craft-O-Rama this weekend and was absolutely inspired by all of the vendors. Minneapolis is chock full of some incredibly talented people. I ended up spending my fair share of cash but was tickled to find tinyhands jewelry - not only is it cute little charms of, what's better-food, but they are scented! Definitely perfect for the baker, foodie, cutesy-lover in your life.