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Staying cute, when it's oh, so cold.

I woke up to a crisp -35 windchill today. Minnesota. I tell ya. I suppose I shouldn't complain- we have had a ridiculously easy winter so far. It's hard to care much about how you look when your eyeballs hurt but sometimes its the little things that can brighten your very chill day...

one. Covertible Mittens in Charcoal Gray
 $30.00 (so you can stay warm AND text)

two. Asos Ribbed Knee Socks
$8.95 (layer over tights!) 

three. Chunky Lime Infinity Scarf

four. Minted Rose Lip Balm
$7.00 (originally bought for the packaging/ works SO well)

five. Diagonal Alley Coat

six. Summer Light iPhone case
$47.95 (when all else fails- delusions! Pretend you are laying in field with a warm breeze blowing over you.)

seven. Bamboo Jersey Tights
$22.00 (bamboo=warm and soft)

All that being said...when the windchill is -35, cute should not be your main priority. On those days:

Columbia Uptown Voyager Jacket. That omniheat stuff is the jam.