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Weekend Wrap up: 1/27-1/29

So many awesome things happened in the MiniApple this weekend I just had to share.

Friday //

Mighty Swell His Sale

I have been a giant fan of the Mighty Swell shop since I crutched into their first sale with a broken foot (true story). Now that they are an "occasional shop" rather than a pop-up I have even more opportunities to see the lovely ladies and lovely wares of Mighty Swell. I took my gent to the His sale on Friday and was pretty thrilled with the result. Very much looking to the Hers sale on February 10th! In related news- I dropped my Instax (bound to happen) and the result was 1 blank white photo and 1 (actually stunning) yellow photo. I am not disappointed.

Saturday // Hair:dark red,  Nails: summer colors & The Current 7th Birthday Party

My good friend Becky (AKA Trixie) over at Moxie dyed my hair a beautiful dark cherry red (which is unfortunately difficult to catch in photos)--Call her up if you need some new color! I also did my nails in a pretty exciting, summery combo- Sally Hansen Green as Envy, Loreal Boozy Brunch and Essie Tart Deco.

and THEN I took my good friend Rachel to the Current's Birthday party for her birthday. You guys, we have amazingly talented folks here in Minnesota.

Haley Bonar- A much loved constant of the Minneapolis music scene

Sims- My favorite of all the Doomtree Crew

Polica- Exploding here in Minneapolis, and for good, good reason. Seeing those two drummers in action is positively mind blowing. Almost unbearably sultry music. Will make you want'll see...