If you know me, you know by now that wedding planning has not been my favorite activity. I find it stressful, overwhelming and simply not nearly as fun as I was expecting. Because of that I am infinitely thankful for my creative, artistic hubs-to-be who has been playing an amazing role helping my vision come to life, and infusing his stunning aesthetic sense into the entire event. No wedding website templates for us and our wedding invites came straight from the heart- created entirely by him.

It was the first part of the wedding that I actually just let go of. OK, in honesty that took me a while ("but I don't like that yellow", "what if this was over there" get the point) - but once I fully released the reins he made total magic. When I saw that he had somehow managed to perfectly trace a photo of us walking towards what ended up being the proposal, I cried. I'm still completely stunned that he managed to make a tiny silhouette look SO much like us. I have a feeling we'll be using that little image time and time again. The cake, the tiny little Minneapolis skyline, an outline of one of my vintage cameras. It is all just absolutely perfect- and I couldn't be more thankful to him for putting in hours to create something so perfect for what is inevitably people's first glimpse into our big day.

(By the way, the aforementioned hubs-to-be also happens to be a UX strategist, and fully automated our website for RSVPs, accommodation info and registry links. No RSVP cards, no return envelopes. I'll let you know how that turns out for us- other than manually entering the grandparents, I think it will work out ok!)