We all hate resolutions. All of us. Don't be silly and say you think they're like, super neat, or something like that. I do kinda like goals. I also like being realistic. Here's how I'm tricking myself into improving my life in 2014:


1. Eat Pretty Foods

Not going to lie, I think I'm pretty clever for this one. You know what's pretty? Greens, pizza with veggies, allll the fruits. What isn't particularly pretty? Grilled cheese with fries. But damn it's good. Is this a "eat healthy" resolution? Sort of. Am I going to stop eating grilled cheese with fries? Shut your mouth, absolutely not. But I think basing my meal choices on prettiness might help me make better choices. Call me shallow if you must.


2. Oh boy. This one. When I was working my way through these I ventured onto Instagram and browsed through all the #resolution posts. I saw a lot of these. It made me sad, and comforted, but mostly sad. We all gotta work on this one. I was having a particularly dramatic body-hate breakdown one day when my fiancé looked at me and said "would you ever say this to Maggie [a best bud]?" "Of course not! But Maggie is so beautiful!" I cried. And then I actually thought about the question. Of course I wouldn't, and she would never ever dream up half of the things I say to myself. This morning I peeked into the mirror and automatically thought "that's not so bad"- baby steps, ya'll.


3. Oh. my. god. Do I need to relax. I freaked out quite a bit in 2013 and guess what- here we are in 2014: safe, loved, comfortable. Everything was fine. Nothing was terrible. Some really, really challenging things happened - as they tend to do- and there were bad days at work, and mistakes made, and fights fought and again, here we are, just safe and sound.


4. It's a funny thing, the social medias. We all put our best foot forward (and who could blame anyone!) and everyone thinks that everyone else's lives are better than theirs, but really we all have good days and bad alike. Don't get me wrong- I'm not going to start posting my ugly cry-faces on Instagram but maybe, when the ugly cry-face is happening, I might venture onto Instagram and remember my happy times, and smile because damn, my life is pretty dang neat. 


5. Not necessarily in the form of pie (but let's be honest, it's better in the form of pie) I'd like to show a little more love in 2014. I have great friends, the most wonderful of all-time fiancé, an incredibly supportive family. They probably would like to know I feel that way, just as much as I like hearing it from them.


Addendum: It's important to make realistic goals, right? So here's a sleeper- I'm gettin married! May 2014. Crushed it.

So there. Take that, 2014.