This weekend brought to you by: fall leaves, Impossible Project Polaroid film, Sanborn Canoe Paddles, Heston's Lodge and no cell phone service. Simply put: it was absolutely perfect. I'd highly recommend a drive up there if you have the time (all the way on the Canadian border), especially during the early fall when the leaves are changing. We stayed in the Spruce cabin- gigantic for its price! But beware, if you plan on going up with friends, the walls don't go all the way to the roof so there wouldn't be much privacy in terms of noise...if you know what I mean. The owners of the lodge bake bread (and in our case, sundried tomato, asiago crackers!) in their outdoor wood burning oven on the weekend and make more than enough for everyone staying there. There are canoes just waiting for you take out at no charge and endless firewood. It's wonderful, just don't forget to pack ample food and get gas in Grand Marais if you are anywhere close to running low! Go. Go now. You won't regret it.