The lovely ladies of Mighty Swell, Meghan and Rae (that's them up there in the heart) are back at it with their "his" and "hers" events. You might remember them from my post about the Hers event in February. I'm biased because I know how great they are in real life, but seriously you guys, they rule so hard. Each event at their occasional vintage shop is curated perfectly for each theme- the vintage hand selected, the food plentiful, even the decor fits. This last weekend was another Hers event and I was, as always, impressed. As an added perk, I got to meet "shop girl and Minneapolis notable Kathryn Lone, who you may know as Pudge the cat's mom. It was kind of a big deal to me as a fellow cat lady. I'm pretty sure Pudge is the best branded cat around, for the record. I tried on a handful of girly frocks but as it often goes in vintage, none fit quite right (thanks, curves). It certainly never stops me from coming back for more- the smiling faces and pretty decor is reason enough Bummed you missed out? The next event is for the misters ('ll be seeing a post about it I'm sure) on May 18th and 19th!