I have very sensitive skin. Very. To the point where I just stopped washing my face at night because no matter what I used, I would wake up with a very irritated looking face. Last week, for no particular reason, I decided I had had enough. I sent out a tweet to my lovely friend Meghan of High Plains Thrifter and Elizabeth Dehn of Beauty Bets for suggestions. Elizabeth responded with lightning speed and suggested One Love Organics and Arcona LA. I decided to start with One Love Organics travel pack as a sampler. I can't remember the last time I was more pleased with a purchase. First of all, their customer service is stellar. They sent my order less than 24 hours after I placed it and sent me receipts and tracking numbers- my favorite.The best part- the products work great- my skin looks and feels rejuvenated and smooth- I was instantly thrilled! No redness, bumps are subsiding and I even feel glowy. Oh, and it all smells really good. This stuff is pricey so if you don't have endless disposable income, do what I did and try the Essentials To Go for $48- I promise you won't regret it! The application of the products is a little nontraditional, but don't fear, they have tutorials too.