Noah Seelam / AFP - Getty Images

Noah Seelam / AFP - Getty Images

We are in the midst of World Water Week and I wanted to take this opportunity to lay some knowledge out there-

4,000 children die every day from not having access to clean water. Worldwide, 900 million people lack access to clean water.

This means poor nutrition, high risk of illness and even children risking their lives in wartorn countries to travel long distances to simply get what we don't think twice about. World Water Day was yesterday, March 22, but don't worry- there is still time to make a difference. You can join in UNICEF's Tap Project, wherein participating restaurants simply ask for a $1 donation for the tap water you would normally get for free. No time to delay- the Tap Project ends on the 25th. Good thing it's the weekend you know you are heading out on the town tonight ;) 

Feeling lazy?

Just text "TAP" to UNICEF (864233) to make a $10.00 donation. Still not convinced? Click here for some nice lookin infographics on the true reach of this issue.

Live in my neighborhood? Look below the photo for a list of the participating Tap Project restaurants within a 50 mile radius of Minneapolis.

Noah Seelam / AFP - Getty Images