I was at the friendly neighborhood Target when I stumbled across something I'm sure I should have known about before-City Kid Java.

 The small "keep it local!" tag drew my eye from the sea of Starbucks and Market Pantry blends. At first I thought "well that can't be..." but sure enough- right next to it, "Choose the virtuous brew that kicks back to the kids in the Twin Cities!"

I should probably warn you- I fancy myself a bit of a humanitarian. I spend time volunteering AFTER I spend my 40 hour work week at a non-profit in St. Paul. Luckily, now you don't have to work at a non-profit to support your Twin Cities community too (but, you know, you could...)!

100% of City Kid Java's profits goes to programs run by their non-profit partner, Urban Ventures Youth Leadership Foundation.  ONE HUNDRED PERCENT.

Not only do they support the kids in our community, but they pay higher than fair-trade prices so they can support the families of the coffee growers they work with as well. Oh by the way, this stuff is DELICIOUS and comes in a handful of yummy brews. 

In summary, now that you know about it, if you don't drink this coffee you are gigantic jerk. tweet themfacebook thememail them.

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