I know, I know-this is 'merica. Land of the "always on the go" where an extra 3 minutes is enough to make us forgo any activity altogether. And, yes, you got that sweet red Keurig for Christmas and it is just making your day. But, here's the thing-coffee is one of our last remaining "simple pleasures" in life. Ever noticed how they just sit around and enjoy their coffee in much COOLER places like Italy? I'm gonna go say something crazy-we should probably take a moment to enjoy our coffee in the mornings. Am I going to wake up an extra 15 minutes (6:15?! vomit.) to do this in the morning? Absolutely not. On the weekends? Heck yes. Ladies and gentlemen...the Chemex. Honestly, the best cup of coffee I have ever had, and designed by a chemist? NERD POINTS!

This is how it works: