I picked up the June 1956 edition of Rogue For Men at an antique store in Milwaukee. It was in a ginormous pile of old (boring) magazines and all I could see was the bottom inch of the front cover-fishnets and high heels. I was absolutely tickled when I pulled it out to find an entire feature on burlesque dancer Lili St Cyr and a host of other goodies. First things first-an article on "How to be a Successful Cad". A "cad" for those of you not versed in mid century slang, is what we might refer to as a "player". Best example I can think of? Don Draper- he's dashing, incorrigible and irresistible...and a total dog. Here you go gents- your very own lesson straight from the 50s. For an up close peek check out my post on Tumblr  and if that isn't close enough, feel free to Tweet me and I'll send the jpgs to you.